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Welcome to my personal wiki!

A wiki deticated to randomness, lulz and crude humour that everyone can edit. I'm still working on this wiki, as well as the rest of the site, so please bear with me, as there are a lot of things in this site that are in need of some TLC.
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Before reading the wiki, READ THE DISCLAIMER FIRST!

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Did you know?

  • ...that waiting for games to finish loading is a fun activity?
  • ...that this is Sparta? Or was it Patrick?
  • ...that I ate all the cookies in the platter?
  • ...that you can have a doll that looks just like you?
  • ...that for every single pixel contained in your monitor, you only get one dollar?
  • ...that every pack of this snack food contains 12 essential antics?
  • ...that you can waltz right into a newspaper bureau and submit your own news report?
  • ...that nobody cares?

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