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Nobody cares

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“We don't take a bath often, but hey, do I care?”

This photo is anachronistic, but did Merriman give a fuck about it?

Nobody cares was a policy implemented by certain people and/or groups that indicate lack of concern or attention over something that doesn't actually deserve being looked after. It was known to be in use ever since the ancient times, and it was a popular way of settling disputes between two or more individuals.

Examples[edit | edit source]

  • Colonists at Williamsburg, Virginia during the 18th century were said to have taken a bath just once a month, but at least nobody cares.
  • Around that time, Britain decided to tax the American colonies. The colonists decided that nobody cared about what Britain wanted and started a war.
  • Brother Sharp was seen wearing female dresses in China, but still it didn't matter.
  • Grand Theft Auto IV was infamous for being unoptimised for computers, but did it keep people from playing it?
  • Samantha Parkington actually spent her childhood during the Edwardian Era, but nobody cared so American Girl marketed her as Victorian.
  • Android tends to be a tad less optimised when it comes to memory management, but nobody cared so device manufacturers shoved in more RAM instead.
  • Elsa set off an eternal winter and put the kingdom of Arendelle in certain jeopardy, but nobody cared and the villagers hailed her as queen.