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Queen Elsa of Arendelle

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Elsa of Arendelle
HM Queen Elsa cropped.jpg
Queen of Arendelle
Reign 17 July 1839 – 17 July 1842
Benediction 1 August 1839
Predecessor Agnarr I
Successor Anna I
Prime minister(s) Kai Mikkelsen
Personal details
Born 22 December 1818
Nickname(s) Elsa, the Snow Queen, Dairy Queen
Notable for Co-inventing the rotary engine with Anna
Throwing random chunks of snow at people
House House of Arendelle
Relatives Ruenard I (paternal grandfather) †
Rita (paternal grandmother) †
Agnarr (father) †
Iduna (mother) †
Anna I (sister)
Kristoff Bjorgman (brother-in-law)

Elsa (born 22 December 1818) is the Queen Emerita of Arendelle and the current caretaker of the Enchanted Forest, having ascended the throne upon the death of her father Agnarr in 1836. She is the older sister of Anna I and the brother-in-law of King Consort Kristoff.

Life and career[edit | edit source]

Elsa was the eldest child of King Agnarr and Queen Iduna of Arendelle. She was first in the line of succession at the time of her birth. As a result of ice powers manifesting in her since birth especially after an accident that nearly claimed the life of her sister, she had been initially reclusive and aloof from her constituents, fearing she might hurt people or be put to death as a supposed witch or sorceress. After an attempted assassination attempt by Prince Hans on the grounds of "treason", Elsa resumed her duties shortly after the summer blizzard incident which she accidentally set off, having since led Arendelle into a prosperous kingdom.

Disillusioned by the bureaucratic role in the royal court and wanting to be with her mother's fellow tribesmen, Elsa abdicated the throne in 1842 and moved to Nothuldra as caretaker of the Enchanted Forest and the self-styled "Snow Queen", though she has largely rejected formalities due to her mother's status as a commoner prior to her ascension as queen.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Elsa once had a rivalry with Formula 1 driver Kimi Räikkönen. Both clearly know what they were doing.
  • Elsa also apologised for the less-than-ideal conditions in the 2020 Rally Sweden. She stated that she was tired and busy with official duties at the time hence why she was unable to donate the usual snowy conditions.
  • When asked about her supposed relationship with Peter Parker, she scoffed it off, saying "I'm not a weirdo, don't creep out the kids please. Mr. Parker can keep all the damn pizza to himself."

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