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Elizabeth Cole

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Elizabeth Cole


Elizabeth Cole


November 5, 1765




Lizzie, Bitsy, E. Coli

Portrayed by

Katie Henney

Elizabeth Cole (b. 5 November 1765) was Felicity Merriman's best friend and fellow antic-doer.


She and her family originally came from Lancashire, England. Elizabeth was shown to be a tad wealthier than Felicity, as evidenced by some of the words and mannerisms that she used. She was in most cases a polar opposite of her best friend - quiet, shy, smart, and careful. Elizabeth is rather petite, which earned her the name "Bitsy" from her older sister; this was a nickname she didn't like, which she later made this known. Elizabeth likes to poke fun at her older sister Annabelle with Felicity. She is much more practical than Felicity. She also thoughtfully plans things out, rather than jumping into fanciful dreams. Unlike Felicity, Elizabeth has a knack for sewing, as she's more patient, and loves fancy balls and dancing.


Just as stated in the above section, Elizabeth likes to commit antics at her older sister, ranging from a mundane round of name-calling, to the more extreme, like sprinkling fire ants at her sister's shift and buckle shoes. This further inspired Felicity to pursue a career in the art of merry-making and pranks.

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