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FegelCorp, LLC

President and CEO

Hermann Otto Fegelein


Fegelland Theme Park - Berlin
Reich Computer Entertainment
FegelStation Pirate TV Network
Fegel-Feeds, Inc.

Net Worth

670,000,000+ RM

Main Competitor

Reich Corp.

FegelCorp, LLC is a company owned and operated by Hermann Otto Fegelein. It currently is one of the largest conglomerates in Germany and has an estimated worth of over 670,000,000 Reichmarks.

Company History[edit]

The company was started by Hermann Otto Fegelein in 1920 and he gained quick money by opening a string of FegelBrothels throught Germany. Over the next couple of years, he was able to amass enough money from the brothels and his FegelStation Pirate Television Studio to build FegelLand, which was completed in 1938.

During construction of FegelLand, he fell under the wing of Heinrich Himmler, a Grand Master of the Antic Order and soon became a Master of Antics. After being transferred to the Führerbunker, he found out about Reich Computer Entertainment, which was owned by Hitler and bought them out. However, as it turned out, the account Fegelein used to buy Reich Computer Entertainment was not real and Hitler ended up being gyped. This was Fegelein's first antic against him.

Infuriated at this, Hitler retaliated by ordering all FegelBrothels to be destroyed. All of them were destroyed except for one, which still remains in operation and where Fegelein often hides out with his mistress.


Besides FegelLand and the FegelStation game console, the company was also known for manufacturing a myriad of items, which are usually Fegelein's answers to Hitler's consumer goods under the Volks[1] and Reich brands, such as Fegel-Soap, Fegel-O's (which was said to contain twelve essential antics), the Fegelbook social networking service, the Fegel-Zundapp microcar, Fegel-Feeds, and various other products and services.

Edward Merriman was known to have been selling consumer goods from FegelCorp, partially due to Fegelein's friendship with Merriman's daughter, and also as a part of their anticologial alliance with each other. The items are usually smuggled to the American colonies, as the British colonial government insisted that shop-owners and convenience store chains should order items from manufacturers that are funded by the government, and that there should be a twelve-percent tax on each item sold.

The feedsack dresses that Kit Kittredge occasionally wore were made using sacks of Fegel-Feed chicken feeds.


  1. Hitler was one of the key people behind the iconic Volkswagen Beetle, besides Ferdinand Porsche.