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“Get in the damn fucking car.”

~ Count Olaf on The Baudelaire Orphans

“Yeah, fuck you, too.”

~ Felicity Merriman on Count Olaf

“Nvidia, fuck you!”

~ Linus Torvalds on Nvidia

“Offending, isn't it?”

~ Oscar Wilde on Fuck

“Shinji get in the fucking robot!”

~ Ikari Gendo on his son's refusal to pilot EVA-01

The word fuck, also known as The F-Bomb is a rather rude and offensive word that can be used as:

  • A word meaning to have sex with someone
  • An insult
  • An interjection
  • A word that when used in some context, means to ask the person being told to go away (e.g. get the fuck out!)
  • A word that shows rejection of a command (e.g. Obey? Fuck you!)
  • A word used in combination with a non-profane word to degrade something (e.g. Fuckbuntu)
  • A word used in combination with another profane word to emphasize something's badness (e.g. fucktard)
  • A word, when conjugated with the -ing suffix, inserted between every other word of a person's dialogue to emphasize their badassedness

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