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Nabi SE

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The nabi SE is an Android-based tablet computer produced by Mattel under the Fuhu Nabi line. Released in 2016, the SE runs on Android 6.0 "Marshmallow" utilising a MediaTek MT8127 system-on-chip. Like some of the tablets from their lineup, a number of variants themed after popular children's franchises were also produced, differing only in bundled content, branding and certain exclusive apps e.g. streaming video players with variant-specific content; ROMs used for all nabi SE variants are largely the same and appear to be mutually compatible.

Tech specs

Depending on the variant, the tablet may also come bundled with content based on characters from their respective franchises. The American Girl edition for example has videos and games featuring characters from the line, namely Isabelle Dance Studio, Grace Sweet Shop, Maryellen Rocket Rally and Scene Sounds. As with most children's tablets, it has parental controls built in and Google Play services.



OTA update ZIPs

SP Flash Tool ROMs

NOTE: The following ROMs can only be flashed through SP Flash Tool v5.1532. Make sure to have a full backup of your device ready before attempting any flashing procedures!

Demo to retail conversion

Custom recovery images

Extra stuff

Known variants


  • Stock ROMs
  • 3.0.9 - ABD7TY20160831A00

NBTY07SMKG-US-AG / Nabi SE (American Girl)

  • Stock ROMs
  • 3.0.10 - ABD7AG20160823A00

NBTY07SMKG-US-BB / Nabi SE (Barbie)

  • Stock ROMs
  • 3.0.9 - ABD7BB20160823A00

NBTY07SMKG-US-HW / Nabi SE (Hot Wheels)

  • Stock ROMs
  •  ???

NBTY07SMKG-US-DM / Nabi SE (Store Demo Unit)

  • Stock ROMs
  • 3.0

NBTY07SMKG-US-TF / Nabi SE (Thomas and Friends; cancelled)

  • Stock ROMs
  •  ???



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