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Snow White

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Snow White
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Princess of Lohr
Reign 17 June 1536 - present
Benediction 1 August 1536
Predecessor Grimhilde
Personal details
Born 6 March 1518
Nickname(s) Snow
Notable for Having a squeaky voice
House House of Lohr
Relatives King Leopold (father) †
Queen Eva (mother) †
Grimhilde (stepmother)†
Prince Florian (fiance)

Margaretha von Waldeck, more popularly known as Snow White, was a Bavarian monarch and the current princess of Lohr.

Life and career[edit]

von Waldeck was born to King Leopold and Queen Eva in an enchanted kingdom in the Black Forest. Queen Eva died when Snow was two and Leopold remarried to a commoner named Grimhilde, who initially had a positive relationship with the princess. Grimhilde eventually grew bitter and envious towards Snow for the girl's innate beauty and budding relationship with her best friend Florian, to the point of ordering an assassin to carry out a contract on her; this backfired when the would-be hitman named Humbert could not bring himself to stabbing the girl to death, instead passing off a pig's heart for a human's. Humbert then pleaded the girl to go into exile in order to escape her stepmother's wrath, where Snow eventually stumbled upon a seemingly-abandoned cottage. There she meets a band of dwarves led by Doc. While Grumpy, the dwarves' resident miser, was indifferent if not outright contemptful towards her, he and his peers welcomed the girl to their home after hearing of her plight. Grimhilde catches wind of her stepdaughter's flight, however. Infuriated, she transforms to a hag and decides to take matters into her own hands by convincing the girl to eat a poisoned apple.

With Snow knocked unconscious, the dwarves set out to avenge their (seemingly) fallen friend, chasing Grimhilde to a cliff where she meets her demise. They could not however have the heart to bury the girl, so they fashioned a Lenin-esque glass coffin where they all press F every now and then. Florian hears about the princess's apparent death and went to Snow's coffin, also pressing F and kissing the girl. Snow quickly regains consciousness and they all lived happily ever after.



  • When asked about Prince Charming, Snow shrugged off any confusion arising from Florian being dubbed as "Charming" despite the latter actually referring to Cinderella.
  • Snow revealed in Ralph Breaks the Internet that she is legally blind and had to wear thick glasses.
  • Snow once had a rivalry with Franklin Clinton, which culminated in this video. They've since reconciled shortly afterwards.
  • Despite assertions to the contrary, the kiss she had with Florian was consensual.
  • Snow is fluent in five languages: German, English, French, AAAAAAAA! and C++.

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