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The discovery is so good, even Kit and her dad are so happy with it!

“This item is so great, you don't even need a stereotypical, boring, perverted quote from me to tell you how good it is!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Warez

“Don't ask me where I got mine.”

Warez is perhaps the greatest thing ever created by man!!! Scientists who have studied the item have said that it could be the secret to ensuring happiness for ALL eternity for all people on Planet Earth!!!

What is warez?[edit]

Don't ask me. You probably have a gigabyte or two of it on your PC.

Why is it prevalent?[edit]

I dunno, it's just that it's everywhere and people patronise it. There are times that it seems better than the real thing, but your mileage may vary.

Why is it illegal?[edit]

Take someone else's work, leak it, and share it to others for free, or burn it on a DVD-R or two and sell it for about five bucks a disc. Now sit down and wonder why the copyright owners didn't benefit from it. But then again some copyright owners are just too plain batshit insane when it comes to protecting their interests. Such resistance, like what Ubisoft did to Splinter Cell: Conviction was met with outrage from the community, though.