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No, this isn't me in front of a computer. It's just that some lad put a random picture of a woman thinking that it fits well with this page.

Hello, my dear friends and fellow multi-cellular organisms. My name is Elizabeth Cole, and I'm sure some of you guys may know me from the stories you've read about my best friend. Now we're not talking about my best friend, my best friend's boyfriend, or anything else for that matter. We're talking about this, whee-kee site, and how can you help in making this a rather lovely place for all you lads and lasses to enjoy.

How can you contribute?

Simple! Just grab a hammer and...oh, wait, what was I saying? Oh, yeah. Now, if you haven't registered an account on the site yet, just click on the log in link, and then follow the instructions onscreen. Well, what to do next? Nothing! It's a sandbox for everyone to mess with, as long as what you're doing is good-natured and does not intend to offend anyone, whether they're a Patriot, Tory, a robot or an alien, or practically any specie you might make fun of. Profanities are fine, but only in moderation (besides, Mafia II used the word "fuck" incessantly; we don't need to hear that thing too often, it's getting old now).

With all due respect,